Vespa Club Los Gatos (VCLG) was founded in 1989 by Rolf Soltau and Julius Pleshakov. The inspiration for the club was to promote the appreciation of Vespa motorscooters in the USA, as well as to forge friendships and ride with fellow enthusiasts. VCLG is proudly affiliated with the Northern California Scooter Council, the North American Federation of Vespa Clubs as well as the Federation of International Vespa Clubs. In the 15+ years since founding the club, we have been involved in many aspects of the Vespa community. We regularly attend national and international rallies, as well as host our annual Classico Moto Italia rally in May. Some of our members have participated in great rides throughout the world, including Rolf in "The Ride Of A Lifetime", a ride from California to Italy. Julius' solo ride from California to Alaska was documented in SouthBay Scooterist magazine. VCLG is regularly represented at Eurovespa and was the first US club affiliated with the F.I.V. Eurovespa 2000 was held in Rolf's hometown of Hamburg where he stayed with his brother, Peter (also a Vespa enthusiast and member of Vespa Club of Hamburg). The VCLG web site regularly receives mail from all over the world. Among the communications are requests for honorary membership, offers to trade patches, and general questions about the club and its history.

Vespa Club Los Gatos - An Active Riding Club

Article 1
The club shall be known as The Vespa Club Los Gatos (VCLG).

Article 2
Active members shall be riders of Vespa scooters. Only active members shall be entitled to a vote in club affairs.

Article 3
The officers of the club shall be a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Master. These officers shall constitute the executive board.

Article 4
The duties of the President shall be:

  • To preside at all meetings of the club
  • To have general supervision of the affairs of the club
  • To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club
  • To personally represent the club on proper occasions and in business contacts
  • To assist all other officers of the club in their records correspondence and other duties
  • To promote interest on the part of each member in club life and activities

    Article 5
    The duties of the Secretary shall be:

  • To send out notices of regular or special meetings
  • To handle all club correspondence
  • To perform such other duties as generally fall to that office

    Article 6
    The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  • To collect dues from all members
  • To collect all other money due the club
  • To maintain club financial records and deliver reports on a timely basis.

    Article 7
    The elective officers shall be filled at an election to be held in November of each year. All officers shall hold office for one year, or until their successors are elected and qualified.

    Article 8
    The regular meetings of the club shall be held on the first Sunday of each month, but the President or executive board may call a special meeting at any time, by advance notice.

    Article 9
    60% of active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for transactions of club business.

    Article 10
    The constitution may be amended providing the proposed amendment is submitted in writing at a regular meeting. It shall be advertised for 2 weeks and voted on at the next meeting. A two thirds vote of all active members in good standing shall be required to pass an amendment.

    Number 1
    All bills must be reviewed and approved by one member of the Executive board and Treasurer before they are paid.

    Number 2
    Pledges for membership must be voted on unanimously. An active club member must be a pledge's sponsor. A pledge will be on probation for three months, after which another unanimous vote will be required for membership to be granted. Once a pledge becomes a member and has paid their initianton fee of $100, they are entitled to all privileges of the club.

    Number 3
    The club dues shall be $10 per month and the initiation fee of $100. The dues for each current month shall be paid no later than the 15th. Any member two months or more behind in his dues shall be considered not in good standing, and shall not be entitled to vote at club meetings.

    Number 4
    Any members more than six months behind in his dues may be expelled form the club by a two thirds vote of those present at any meeting.

    Number 5
    All members of the club shall be members of the AMA.

    Number 6
    Only active members shall be eligible to hold office.

    Number 7
    Members must participate in all major VCLG events. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in monthly meetings.

    Number 8
    VCLG will host an event each year.

    Number 9
    The VCLG Calendar will go from January 1st to November 15th.