Where can I get work done on my classic scooter?

Depending on where you live, you probably have a couple of options. Your best bet is to find a scooter shop that works on or sells parts for vintage scooters, such as Vespas, Lambrettas, etc. Those are the most common vintage bikes in the U.S. If you find a shop that works on or sells parts for any other types of classic scooters, definitely let us know!

One way to find shops is online. Another great place to look for shops is to get a copy of Scoot Magazine, which always lists plenty of shops around the country. If you can't find a local shop though, try contacting a local scooter club, to see who they would recommend.

Ultimately, you have three options when it comes to getting your scooter fixed:

If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, here are some shops you might want to contact for help with either classic or modern Vespas, as well as many other types of scooters:

There are also other scooter shops in the area that service and sell exclusively modern Vespas:

Where do you meet?

The VCLG, along with many other southbay scooterists, meet every Tuesday at Trials Pub, 265 North First St, San Jose, for $1 off pint night.

We also meet for our monthly ride on the first Sunday of every month at 10am, at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 West Main Street, Los Gatos. That is, unless we are all at a rally that weekend, in which case we'll see you at the rally!

How much do you ride?

Many of us are daily riders. The rest of us ride as much as we can, and as far as we can!

How could I join?

Membership in the VCLG is by invitation only, and all club members must own and/or ride a Vespa. We are a family and we want to make sure that everyone gets along within our club. In order to join the VCLG, a club member must first offer to sponsor you, once they get to know you well enough. Hanging out and riding with us are strongly recommended. After you are sponsored, a vote will be taken among all club members. If we decide that you're a good fit for our club, you will be voted in and you'll receive our club banner and jacket.

Are you a Vespa-only club?

No, our members do not exclusively own Vespas, most of us have other makes of scooters and/or motorcycles. Members are required only to either own or ride a Vespa. Of course, we always encourage anyone with any kind of scooter to ride with us!

Have any questions?

Contact us!